7/25/2013: Day 30: Shameless Re-blogging

I discovered this SWELL shark blog on Tumbler called Shark Hugger.

It’s fun, eclectic AND best of all they’ve assembled a ton of shark petitions for you to sign

I also ordered a new shirt from the wonderful Pelagic Shark Research Foundation of Santa Cruz.  I get tons of compliments on my long-sleeved dark blue PSF shirt with its distinctive shark logo. I’ve had the shirt for way over a decade and it STILL  looks great, but I wanted to order a new one for a friend.  I’ve found that wearing my Pelagic shirt or my shark necklace ALWAYS starts conversations.

Many, many people don’t even know sharks are endangered.  Wearing a shirt or jewelry (though not necklaces made from real shark teeth, of course), is a simple, natural way to enlighten people about the plight of sharks without the conversation feeling too heavy or didactic.

Plus, all proceeds from merchandise directly help PSF’s shark conservation and education programs.

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