Day 148: 11/20/13: Getting Active for Sharks

I posted this video (I know it’s awful to watch), because it’s necessary sometimes to look at images of atrocity so we don’t forget what’s happening and we don’t stop fighting to end injustice. Beyond the brutality and waste of shark finning for flavorless soup, it is a myth that sharks (or perhaps any fish in this post-Fukishima world) are a health food. Sharks, in particular, are riddled with toxins from mercury to anti-depressants. 

This story talks about three recent deaths in Madagascar from shark meat consumption.

But let us not despair, shark friends! The sharks need us. Badly.

We all have talents, connections, abilities and creativity we can use to help out.

Organize a benefit. Teach a class. Have a letter-writing party. Put on an art show. Host a shark charity yard sale.

As a start, please click here to sign a petition banning the sale of shark fins & shark products.

Click here for some creative ways to help!

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