Day 195 1/6/14: Cartoon Shark Cavalcade

7920893-a-hungry-cartoon-shark-splashing-in-the-waterI can’t vouch for the quality, but here’s an assortment of shark cartoons & shorts.

1. Street Sharks stars bad ass sharks that have human legs & torsos which makes me nervous. There’s also a lot of saxophone in the theme song. Here’s an episode called Shark-n-Roll.

2. I love Pangea Seed! Their fun little short takes on Shark Week sensationalism & the real threat of finning and hunting.

3. Kenny the Shark lives in a house and watches TV.

4. On this edition of Goofy’s Extreme Sports, he descends in a shark cage and feeds a picky great white. (Why is Goofy’s voice so weird now?)

5. I haven’t seen the movie, but I like this animated review: Two-Headed Shark in A Nutshell. 

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