Day 325 5/16/14: The Horror & The Wonder

Day 325 5/16/14: The Horror & The Wonder

Writers aren’t allowed to say things like “words fail,” but I am still struggling to find the language to describe this face. I cannot form a coherent sentence about this image by Andrew Fox of a white shark breaking the surface in pursuit of an albatross. My brain sputters out weird fragments: “bloody clown laugh,” or “sad dream lipstick jaw.” The otherworldly quality of this animal makes me rethink my place in the universe. Maybe that explains my enduring feeling, beyond the wonder and horror, of deep gratitude towards them.

Day 307 4/29/14: Diver Spots White Shark

This scuba diver freaks out (in a good way) when he spots a white shark while diving in the Gulf of Mexico. I like the muffled “HEYYYY” which seems so futile and the sound of ¬†underwater breathing which is eerily like the measured exhalations of someone in intensive care.
(Thank you, Jack Morrissey)

Day 294 4/16/14: Brody’s Book of Nightmares

“Jaws” fans will recall the eerie, tense but oddly tender scene in which a nervous Chief Brody tries to understand the nature of the formidable creature that has “staked a claim in the waters off Amity Island” by flipping through a stack of shark books, the images of various grinning jaws and gruesome wounds reflected in his glasses. The wondrous blog Haunted Closet has lovingly catalogued and compiled all of the images from a 1968 National Geographic and books by Cousteau and others. I love the meticulous detective work of fans!