Day 257: 3/9/14: South Park: “Whale Whores”

South Park really gives it to Paul Watson in this episode (while I’ve heard he’s stretched the truth about the number of ships he’s put out of commission, the depth of ire here surprised me), but the commentary about nature reality shows is great.
Thanks Connie!

Day 229 2/9/14: Fonzie’s Finest (Half) Hour

I am working on a fascinating piece about JAWS and feminism, but it’s taking me a while to put together. In the meantime, here’s a clip from the 1977 “Happy Days” episode that now symbolizes the precise moment when anything crosses the line from cool to embarrassing. Even the shark seems a little humiliated to be part of it.

Thanks Connie & Gail!

Black Rhino Auctioned for $350K in the Name of Conservation

This is insane….

Exposing the Big Game


by Marc Bekoff

Should we kill in the name of conservation? Individual animals are not disposable commodities

We live in a troubled and wounded world in which humans continue to dominate and to relentlessly kill numerous nonhuman animals (animals).

A Texas hunting club recently auctioned off an endangered black rhino purportedly to save other black rhinos and their homes in Namibia. The Dallas Safari Club says, “Namibian wildlife officials will accompany the auction winner through Mangetti National Park where the hunt will occur, ‘to ensure the correct type of animal is taken.'” This is not a very comforting thought.

This sale, in which an animal is objectified and treated like a disposable commodity, raises many questions about how we try to save other species. One major question is, “Should we kill in the name of conservation?” People disagree on what is permissible and what is not. My take and…

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Day 159 12/1/13: Great Shark Paintings Vol. 4 “True Love” by Danial Ryan

Danial Ryan’s sweet and sour surrealism is where it’s at! Sharks, sloths, cats, bears and all your other favorite mammals & pop culture idols are reborn with dark humor & panache on Ryan’s canvases. Best of all, you can own an original Danial Ryan masterwork for as little as $10. Click on the lovestruck white sharks to check out Ryan’s available art!