Day 196 1/7/13: Speak out Against Bycatch!

sbluefinBycatch (the fish and countless sea mammals, birds, etc. that are incidentally caught, killed and disposed of by commercial operations–see Day 175 of this blog for an extensive catalogue of the species that are routinely killed and discarded as bycatch ) is  a HUGE problem. But you can help!

Send  your comment to National Marine Fisheries Service about Amendment 7, which would help curb some of the excessive waste incurred in fishing for bluefin tuna. This will take you about half a minute at most. Click here to take action!

Day 117 10/20/13: Sunday Slacktivism: 5 Easy Ways to Help the Oceans

Large open water fish, like this Northern blue...

Large open water fish, like this Northern bluefin tuna, are oily fish. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are 5 quick and dandy ways to help the ocean and its animals:

1. Still fuming over Blackfish? Free Lolita the Orca from 43 years in captivity. Sign here.

2. A click a day helps fund Oceana’s sea-saving campaigns.

3. Overfishing, radiation, global warming and overfishing are putting unbelievable pressure on the sea and the animals that live there. Sign Greenpeace’s petition to designate 40% of the world’s oceans as protected marine reserves.

4. Bluefin Tuna are seriously overfished. Urge the National Marine Fisheries Service to take more specific measures to help them.

5. Two words: The Cove.  Ask Japan to stop killing dolphins.