Day 22: 7/17/2013: Save California’s Great White Sharks

Last August, I walked around Malibu Beach on a brilliant summer day collecting signatures to win protection for  California’s dwindling population of great whites under the California Endangered Species Act. Even though a triathlon was underway and many folks nervously laughed about their upcoming ocean swim, I found near unanimous support for sharks.

However, the California Fish and Game Commission opted to provide only temporary protection for white sharks as a “candidate” species.  That protection is due to expire in early 2014. We need to urge the CFWD (California Fish and Wildlife Department) to give the great white permanent protection as an endangered species.

The CFWD is currently accepting comments on this issue.

If you need more information about why California’s great whites need protection, read this.

If you have time, call, e-mail and write. It honestly takes less time than you think! But at least shoot them a quick e-mail.

Contact info for the CFWD is here. (scroll down a bit to get the addresses, etc.)