Day 242 2/22/14: JAWS: Countdown to Ecstasy!

-1I am way too busy/excited/distracted to blog today. Why so busy? So animated? Why, there are only a few mere HOURS to go before the hilarious and astounding JAWS benefit reading: An Evening of Relentless Terror and Really Awkward Sex! 

Recoil as the shark reduces Chrissie Watkins to a mass of bone and jelly!

Thrill as married Ellen Brody reveals her torrid sexual fantasies to a cocky marine biologist!

Marvel at Martin Brody’s immense bladder!

Gasp as Quint makes fun of the shark’s genitals!

All for a mere $10!

2 thoughts on “Day 242 2/22/14: JAWS: Countdown to Ecstasy!

  1. Haha I was an new intern at Doubleday in NYC when they pubbed JAWS, just out of school. Totally ignorant, wet behind the ears. Peter Benchly did not have a film agent at the time, and my boss Jake Ross sold the rights to the film to producers for him. Heady times. What an initiation to the publishing world. Great story and super movie.

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