Day 354 6/24/14: “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”

When I was a child, I scanned the TV listings every week. If a Beatles movie was being shown during school hours, I would feign illness or just beg my mother to stay home and watch. She usually relented. I loved everything they did, but “Help!” always blew my mind because of John’s “pit bed” his Dylan-sneer, the rich color, and because let’s face it: they all looked so damned beautiful.This clip, like all things Beatle, is a forever source of inspiration and happiness for me. I would love to hear if The Beatles cast an enduring enchantment on you.

2 thoughts on “Day 354 6/24/14: “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”

  1. Is that Eleanor Bronwyn looking so young? I think I didn’t get their films at the time, some was a bit too slapstick for me….Funny, I remember going to the studio of a wonderful Japanese photographer, Tod Wakamatsu, and he had an early video machine or something and had a continuous loop of Help playing all the time. The music always did get me.

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