Under The Boat

Nice views here of two white sharks, one with a lovely speckled sort of pattern on the tail. I love how they simply disappear into the green. I also love how the divers in the cage keep their feet off the bottom of the cage. There is a weird sensation of suddenly not having legs when one is deposited in the cage, followed by a desire to keep track of one’s legs as much as possible.


(Thanks again to Peter E.) 

2 thoughts on “Under The Boat

  1. I kept worrying that the shark was going to swim up and snack on his heel that was sticking out! Also, what does the shark think about the funny people in cages? xo

  2. I felt like the sharks really didn’t care about us at all. Very disinterested. But I’ve seen other videos of cage dives in Mexico in which the sharks seemed very interested. Our guide says their personalities vary a lot, but usually the young ones are the ones that inspect the cage the most.

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