Mindful Writing Workshops: OR How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love My Work Again

Many of us long to return to that original love that we once had for our art. As we get older, our excitement and delight that is often eclipsed by over-thinking, comparing, worrying, procrastinating and countless other forms of resistance.

Writing is always going to be challenging work, but it is possible to completely revolutionize your process by re-thinking your relationship to your work & learning a few quick and easy techniques that can help dissolve your blocks and make your writing/creative process way more joyful and productive.

Check out these two mindful writing workshops I am offering in September: 

SATURDAY SEPT. 20 1-4: Introduction to Mindful Writing

Drawing from literature, contemporary psychology and Buddhist texts, this class will explore how:

The concept of “no self” can revolutionize our relationship to writing.

Simple mindfulness meditations and techniques can calm fear and neutralize negative self-talk and perfectionism

 Mindful writing can give our writing and our lives a deeper sense of purpose and pleasure

 SATURDAY SEPT. 27 1-4: Maintaining your Mindful Writing Practice

 Using simple 3-minute breath and yoga techniques, this workshop will give writers valuable tools to:

 Maintain a mindful writing process by shifting focus from thinking to breathing

 Create purpose and momentum in the artistic process

 Generate creative energy and increase mental clarity and intuition

 Gain confidence

 Quickly overcome creative blocks

 $35 per class or $60 for both

4949 Hollywood Blvd. 

Los Angeles, California 90027

 Sign up or Just Show Up!

For more information contact:

Jocelyn Heaney


 If you ever feel like this man when you sit down to write, mindful writing workshops can help.


3 thoughts on “Mindful Writing Workshops: OR How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love My Work Again

  1. Count me in! I’m going to forward this to select writers. By the way, I got the application in on time…yeah! I owe you the world for driving back over here a first and a second time. Your letter and your support mean/meant the world to me and your advice about answering the damn questions got me through it. Did I send you my final responses? Samantha answered the last one for me which had to do with how I felt that I lacked access or something like that. I’m attaching the question part. We’re off to Redlands tomorrow to see my stepmom/Sam’s grandmother for lunch, antique-ing and a movie. See you soon…we’ll see the Ensor show. xo

    • Yaaay! So glad you got the application in on time and I’m SO thrilled that you’re coming to the workshop and thanks for forwarding this on. Let’s talk when you return. I hope you and Sam have a lovely time!!! xo

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