The Swimmer Trailer 1968

I love John Cheever and I love his story The Swimmer because it’s so brilliant,  but I love this movie because it’s so over the top and pretty awful. But Joan Rivers has a nice cameo and you can see Cheever himself in the poolside party scene.

4 thoughts on “The Swimmer Trailer 1968

  1. Ah, Jocelyn. You got me with this one… In the first scene, the young man, Keri Oleson, was my boyfriend in NY, the first guy I ever lived with. I had been in touch with him and then this spring I found out that he died in the winter. He was so young and pretty here. Hope to see you one day! Dinner in a couple of weeks over your way? Xo Candace

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    • Oh Candace I’d love to see you! I can’t believe your boyfriend was in the Swimmer! Let’s do dinner for sure. I don’t mind coming out there at all. I’m out there most of the time… would be great to see you. xox

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