Day 342 6/12/14: Tell Groupon to Drop SeaWorld & Ringling Brothers

Please sign this petition to ask Groupon to stop offering deals to the circus and to SeaWorld.

We’re all well-versed in the evils of SeaWorld by now, but in case you didn’t know, this is how Ringling Brothers starts training its elephants. (Baseball bats and lit cigarettes are not pictured)

Now for something uplifting: Click here to see Sunder the elephant in his beautiful new home!



Day 167 12/9/13: REO Speedwagon: A Call to Action

It’s been a very long time since I wrote the words REO Speedwagon. In fact, while I admit to a brief but intense love affair with journey circa 1981, I never cottoned to REO. But at age 46, I have written my first URGENT missive to the band and I hope you will do the same. Please sign this petition asking REO Speedwagon to cancel plans to play at SeaWorld. Joan Jett, Willie Nelson and others have already asked the dreaded “park” to stop using their music during lame shows like Shamu Rocks. Let’s keep the tide of protest going.

Speaking of protest, great whites in Australia could use your help too. Shark attacks are a tragedy, but shark hunts or “culls” are no way to solve the problem of shark-human encounters. The “offending” shark(s) has probably long split the scene and sending fishermen out on a mission to find and kill endangered white sharks in retaliation for attacks on humans, will only compound the tragedy. Thanks!

The Essential REO Speedwagon

The Essential REO Speedwagon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)