Day 224 2/4/14: 25% of Sharks & Rays Near Extinction

Day 224 2/4/14: 25% of Sharks & Rays Near Extinction

Overfishing. Finning. Sport fishing. Shark culls.

Please take action any way you can. Write letters. Host a viewing party for the documentary “Sharkwater,” organize a fundraiser. Give a lecture. Use the talents & gifts unique to you to make a difference for the oceans and the animals. Their fate is our fate.

Day 8 7/3/2013: Tell the NOAA Not to Overturn Shark Laws!

Be a Hero for Sharks in five minutes or less:

To read bout the NOAA’s proposed changes to shark protection laws, click here.

Click here to tell the NOAA not to weaken U.S. state protections for sharks!

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