Day 288 4/10/14: Tell NOAA: No Pacific Shark Cull

hi_257734_366075We’re almost there!

This note of protest to  NOAA officials and Barack Obama needs only 76 more signatures!

Please sign and share this petition to preserve existing shark conservation laws  in Guam, Hawaii and the Northern Mariana Islands AND to say no to an insanely misguided proposal to “reduce shark biomass” by decimating already declining species of sharks in the Pacific.

Day 143 11/15/13: Celebrate Whale Sharks

English: whale shark Deutsch: Walhai

English: whale shark Deutsch: Walhai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Behold the beauty!

1. Conservation Meets High Art/Fashion: Photographer Shawn Heinrichs made these gorgeous images of whale sharks and their “mermaid” counterparts.

2. Sign This: Help Whale Sharks & Their Brethren by keeping state finning laws strong.

3. Whale Shark 101: a great 3-minute video about the world’s largest fish.

4. This Just In: Indonesian Fishermen free juvenile whale shark caught in fishing net.

5. Where do they go? Listen & Read: NPR’s story on the mysteries of whale shark migration.