Day 7 7/2/2013: Shark Defenders


Photo: Shark Defenders

One week into my 365 days for sharks, this blog feels as uneven as a personal diary. In one way I like that—I want it to reflect the ups and downs of a  inspiring, boring, frustrating, transcendent, etc.  But I also want to be pithy, bright, witty, full of zest and deep insight. Shark Defenders is a good model.  Their site features photos of  insane shark tattoos,  conservation quizzes (I got 4/5 thank you very much), a list of the Top 10 Shark Dives in the world and lots of ways to volunteer.

I  downloaded The Shark Defenders Pledge Petition and will begin to collect signatures today. When I gather  1,000 names of  people who pledge to support shark/ocean friendly laws, I can submit start my own local Shark Defenders chapter and Facebook page.