Day 17: 7/12/2013: SHRK LUVR


Today’s action is small. Humble. Barely anything.

But it gave me such a weird sense of satisfaction.

I attached a SAVE THE SHARKS license plate holder to my car. The end.

Since I live in Los Angeles, I drive A LOT. Out of all of the many cars stuck behind me in some interminable traffic jam, I wonder if one or two or maybe even three people might see my license plate frame and meditate on it. Although we all get compassion fatigue, SAVE THE SHARKS is certainly better than staring at some inane vanity plate that reads CAST ME or PMS 247.

Maybe one of these random motorists will go home and read up on sharks and see how dire things are and sign a petition or send a check to a shark charity or have a complete life-altering epiphany, and ditch their suffocating job and join the crew of Sea Shepherd and defend the seas from a-holes.

I know it’s probably unlikely, but it’s not completely impossible either.

I guess that’s the whole point of taking little actions every day.

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