Day 318 5/9/14: Sign To Help Australia’s Sharks!

silent-shark-protest_729-620x349Over 100 sharks have been caught on drumlines or shot and killed in Australia’s misguided and reactionary response to recent attacks.

Now West Australia’s Premier Colin Barnet is considering extending the wasteful shark cull for another three years.

PLEASE sign Greenpeace Australia’s petition asking Environment Minister Hunt to stop the senseless killing.

Day 191 1/2/14: A Medley of Sea Stories

Here’s a hodgepodge of the odd, sad and inspiring:

19 arrested (including a12-year-old girl) protesting Seaworld float in Rosebowl Parade.

Terrified swimmer chased by fake fin!

Shark Terror Down Under Leads to Indiscriminate Slaughter.

Over 300 Sharks Now on Twitter!Marine Life Image Gallery

Day 176 12/18/13: A Hodgepodge of Cool Shark Stories

(Very Cool) Read this to learn how prehistoric sharks escaped extinction.

I love these guys! Australian Activists Fight the Shark Cull.

Wanna sign a petition banning the import of shark fins to Canada? OF COURSE you do!

A touching story of maternal instinct: Lemon Shark Moms in the Nursery! 9