Day 191 1/2/14: A Medley of Sea Stories

Here’s a hodgepodge of the odd, sad and inspiring:

19 arrested (including a12-year-old girl) protesting Seaworld float in Rosebowl Parade.

Terrified swimmer chased by fake fin!

Shark Terror Down Under Leads to Indiscriminate Slaughter.

Over 300 Sharks Now on Twitter!Marine Life Image Gallery

Day 139 11/11/13: Shark Miscellany #4

800px-gharial_maleI have been studiously avoiding a pile of essays. Here are the fruits of my procrastination:

1. Check out David Shiffman’s funny and educational piece “What the funniest shark memes can teach us about science.” 

2. Shark Legend Rodney Fox recalls the harrowing, life-changing white shark attack that led to the development of the shark cage.

3.  70-million year old shark poop offers clues to ancient fish’s diet.

4. Fascinating look at a great white tagging study off Guadalupe Island.

5.  From Thought Catalog: 11 Endangered Animals You Haven’t Heard of Cause They Aren’t Cute