Day 109: 10/12/13: Shark Coffins & Doomed Stuffed Animals

These innovative creations are a welcome break from correcting a batch of opaque papers on sharks and fear.

I like the spare yet surreal look of this art show, but I LOVE that it’s

happening in Shanghai!!

Check out Banksy’s “Sirens of the Lambs,” a sad and weird traveling piece on animals

slaughtered for food.


Day 66: 8/30/13: Walking Sharks & Dolphin Saviors

Fascinating stories about everyone’s favorite marine predators:

1. Is Shark fin soupĀ losing popularity in China?

2. Meet the Walking Shark of Indonesia

3. Dolphins Rescue Surfer from Great White

4. 8 Cool and Bizarre Shark Stories from Treehugger

5. Man’s shark attack story is the most boring thing about him

Day 38 8/2/2013: Absurdly Simple Shark Activism For All Ages

SharkSavers is a great resource.

Click here to find out what restaurants in your area are serving shark fin soup.

Click here to download & print a “FINished WITH FINS letter to send to the restaurant.

This is so cool/cute. Click yet again here to download an educational shark coloring book for your kids or for yourself if the waxy intoxication of crayons makes you nostalgic for those early years when you fell in love with utter terror and majesty of apex sea predators.