Day 38 8/2/2013: Absurdly Simple Shark Activism For All Ages

SharkSavers is a great resource.

Click here to find out what restaurants in your area are serving shark fin soup.

Click here to download & print a “FINished WITH FINS letter to send to the restaurant.

This is so cool/cute. Click yet again here to download an educational shark coloring book for your kids or for yourself if the waxy intoxication of crayons makes you nostalgic for those early years when you fell in love with utter terror and majesty of apex sea predators.

Day 20: 7/15/2013: FINished with Fins

I want to give the proceeds of the “Jaws” Anniversary reading to SharkSavers because I really dig their Finished with FINS campaign. I like that they strike right at the heart of the market for shark fins by expanding their outreach and activism to Hong Kong and Singapore.

This morning I contacted SharkSavers about partnering up for my February “Jaws” benefit and threw in a $25 donation toward funding shark sanctuaries.