Day 50: 8/14/13: Predatory Hijinx

Type C killer whales in the Ross Sea. The eye ...

In between learning more about volunteering for Sea Shepherd, I watched three videos of orcas killing great white sharks. 

It’s interesting to see how passionately divided the public’s sympathy becomes when two apex ocean predators face off:


That Shark is like I’m f*cked

Aww! I almost cried

F*ck Killer Whales. Great Whites FTW*


Just Proves who the real apex predator is

I bet Free Willy wouldn’t have pulled this sh*t with a Megalodon

When I saw this clip of Orcas hunting sea lions, I couldn’t help but think of how Tilikum killed that mysterious “drifter” who broke into Seaworld for…what exactly? The thrill of an illegal swim? A strange and dramatic suicide? A misguided longing for communion with something wild, even if it meant death? I can feel an obsessive search for answers coming on….

*FTW= For the Win