Day 50: 8/14/13: Predatory Hijinx

Type C killer whales in the Ross Sea. The eye ...

In between learning more about volunteering for Sea Shepherd, I watched three videos of orcas killing great white sharks. 

It’s interesting to see how passionately divided the public’s sympathy becomes when two apex ocean predators face off:


That Shark is like I’m f*cked

Aww! I almost cried

F*ck Killer Whales. Great Whites FTW*


Just Proves who the real apex predator is

I bet Free Willy wouldn’t have pulled this sh*t with a Megalodon

When I saw this clip of Orcas hunting sea lions, I couldn’t help but think of how Tilikum killed that mysterious “drifter” who broke into Seaworld for…what exactly? The thrill of an illegal swim? A strange and dramatic suicide? A misguided longing for communion with something wild, even if it meant death? I can feel an obsessive search for answers coming on….

*FTW= For the Win

One thought on “Day 50: 8/14/13: Predatory Hijinx

  1. Orcas seemingly enjoy killing. In Monterey Bay, they kill grey whales (who don’t hug the shore and try to take a short cut across the wide expanse of the bay). Orcas don’t kill them for food, though they bite out their prey’s genitals. They breach and display behavior one would associate with joy. They are the Ernest Hemingways of cetaceans. One reportedly has written (in his head, of course) the orca version of “The Sun Also Rises.”

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