Day 207 1/18/14: Ram Dass: Living The Mystery

imagesIn “Instant Karma!” a song written and recorded in one day, John Lennon posed the eternal question: “Why in the world are we here?” answering the unanswerable with a single, powerful certainty: “Surely not to live in pain and fear.”

In this humble blog, one of my recurring questions has been how not to shut down in the face of suffering–both my own internal sadness and the suffering of animals, of aging parents, etc.

Today I  discovered this terrific and invigorating podcast that grapples with all of these things–a 1996 Ram Dass lecture called Living the Mystery which I highly recommend. (NOTE: Skip the introductory part. Ram Dass is funny and dynamic.  Listening to this narrator is like hearing someone describe a movie in exhaustive detail and thereby  sucking all the energy & surprise out it. START listening at 17:59! 

Day 206 1/17/14: Friday Poetry/Science Mishmash

basho81. Your eyes will love this: Beautiful biofluorescent sharks & other fishes.

2. Nature has feelings: A fascinating piece on the poetics of Basho.

3. Writer’s block? Pshaw! Check out poet Bernadette Mayer’s writing experiments.

4. New Zealand welcomes Shark Whisperer Ocean Ramsay.

5. Weirdly beautiful time lapse video of living, breathing & fighting coral from the Great Barrier Reef.