Day 202 1/13/14: Some Blogs I Dig: Part 1


I have only yet begun to catalogue the blogs I love. Here’s a few to start:

1. Fuckyeahsharks is really fun! Great shark gifs, shark pix and more.

2. I’m always amazed at the fearlessness & intelligence of The Daily Headache.

3. I LOVE this blog! Biblioklept is a daily surprise and delight if you love art & lit.

4. Walking with Alligators: Helping endangered creatures in the Everglades & beyond.

5. Find out how recent wolf & coyote hunts and other wildlife massacres screw up the ecosystem at  Exposing the Big Game.

6. Sofastory: Every abandoned couch has a lurid & lovely tale to tell on this Tumblr blog.

Black Rhino Auctioned for $350K in the Name of Conservation

This is insane….

Exposing the Big Game


by Marc Bekoff

Should we kill in the name of conservation? Individual animals are not disposable commodities

We live in a troubled and wounded world in which humans continue to dominate and to relentlessly kill numerous nonhuman animals (animals).

A Texas hunting club recently auctioned off an endangered black rhino purportedly to save other black rhinos and their homes in Namibia. The Dallas Safari Club says, “Namibian wildlife officials will accompany the auction winner through Mangetti National Park where the hunt will occur, ‘to ensure the correct type of animal is taken.'” This is not a very comforting thought.

This sale, in which an animal is objectified and treated like a disposable commodity, raises many questions about how we try to save other species. One major question is, “Should we kill in the name of conservation?” People disagree on what is permissible and what is not. My take and…

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