Day 202 1/13/14: Some Blogs I Dig: Part 1


I have only yet begun to catalogue the blogs I love. Here’s a few to start:

1. Fuckyeahsharks is really fun! Great shark gifs, shark pix and more.

2. I’m always amazed at the fearlessness & intelligence of The Daily Headache.

3. I LOVE this blog! Biblioklept is a daily surprise and delight if you love art & lit.

4. Walking with Alligators: Helping endangered creatures in the Everglades & beyond.

5. Find out how recent wolf & coyote hunts and other wildlife massacres screw up the ecosystem at  Exposing the Big Game.

6. Sofastory: Every abandoned couch has a lurid & lovely tale to tell on this Tumblr blog.

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