Day 148: 11/20/13: Getting Active for Sharks

I posted this video (I know it’s awful to watch), because it’s necessary sometimes to look at images of atrocity so we don’t forget what’s happening and we don’t stop fighting to end injustice. Beyond the brutality and waste of shark finning for flavorless soup, it is a myth that sharks (or perhaps any fish in this post-Fukishima world) are a health food. Sharks, in particular, are riddled with toxins from mercury to anti-depressants. 

This story talks about three recent deaths in Madagascar from shark meat consumption.

But let us not despair, shark friends! The sharks need us. Badly.

We all have talents, connections, abilities and creativity we can use to help out.

Organize a benefit. Teach a class. Have a letter-writing party. Put on an art show. Host a shark charity yard sale.

As a start, please click here to sign a petition banning the sale of shark fins & shark products.

Click here for some creative ways to help!

Day 127 10/30/13: JAWS Tribute: Enjoy Art! Help Sharks!

What are you doing this weekend, Los Angeles?

Why of course,you’re attending “Smile You Son of A Bitch,” a  Jaws-themed Art Show at the Hero Complex Gallery!

This divine mash-up of pop culture and activism includes the work of over 90 international artists celebrating the glory of Quint, Brody, Bruce and all things JAWSJAWS1.

The $10 admission benefits Pangeaseed’s shark conservation and education efforts.

When: November 1-3

Opening Reception: Friday Nov. 1

6 pm-10 pm

Where: Hero Complex Gallery, 2020 South Robertson Blvd. Studio D  L.A. 90034

Day 126 10/29/13: Shark Miscellany #3

hqdefaultA hodgepodge of shark/marine welfare news & oddities:

1.Check Out Five Designs Inspired by Ocean Predators

2. Australia: Please keep rejecting OCEARCH! 

3. Greenpeace Serves “Shark fin Soup” to protest New Zealand’s finning laws

4. Death at Seaworld author David Kirby on CNN Vs. Seaworld

5. Would you like to see a shark throw up? Okay, here you go! 

Day 109: 10/12/13: Shark Coffins & Doomed Stuffed Animals

These innovative creations are a welcome break from correcting a batch of opaque papers on sharks and fear.

I like the spare yet surreal look of this art show, but I LOVE that it’s

happening in Shanghai!!

Check out Banksy’s “Sirens of the Lambs,” a sad and weird traveling piece on animals

slaughtered for food.


Day 104 10/7/13: Ask Singapore Airlines to Stop Transporting Shark Fins

English: Fresh shark fins drying on sidewalk a...

English: Fresh shark fins drying on sidewalk at Hong Kong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(With apologies for the awful and unintentional rhyme:

Do a sharks a kindness, sign this:

Day 92: 9/25/13: Afternoon with a Shark Legend

I am still ecstatic from Ralph Collier’s lecture this afternoon at Glendale College this afternoon. Great turn out–students, teachers from all disciplines, and people from outside school–including one dazzled shark nerd in a Jaws t-shirt who sat in the front row, and my dear friend Lisa and her fellow shark fanatic pal, Jack.

Ralph covered some fascinating stuff about shark behavior including “spy hopping” in which white sharks (and apparently oceanic white tips) stick their heads out of the water to check out what’s happening on land and sometimes startle random seals off the edges of rookeries. They also spy hop to calculate which group of seals in the haul-out area might be easiest to sweep into the water via a giant breach. Essentially, I learned that white sharks ain’t dummies. Not by a long shot. They have memories. They make calculated decisions. Ralph doesn’t believe in calling shark encounters “accidents”–he gives the animals volition—whether the intent is to investigate or to launch a predatory strike.

I learned two more disturbing consequences of shark finning:

1. When the discarded bodies of finned sharks are thrown overboard, they sink to the bottom where ammonia leaking from their ravaged bodies destroys coral communities.

2. Increasing numbers of people in Asia who consume shark fin soup are developing neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and A.L.S.  Researchers have proposed that the high concentrations of mercury in shark fin and flesh bind with other neurotoxins and create a lethal toxic compound. Could this new health concern become a powerful force in stopping finning?

Continue reading

Day 66: 8/30/13: Walking Sharks & Dolphin Saviors

Fascinating stories about everyone’s favorite marine predators:

1. Is Shark fin soup losing popularity in China?

2. Meet the Walking Shark of Indonesia

3. Dolphins Rescue Surfer from Great White

4. 8 Cool and Bizarre Shark Stories from Treehugger

5. Man’s shark attack story is the most boring thing about him

Day 38 8/2/2013: Absurdly Simple Shark Activism For All Ages

SharkSavers is a great resource.

Click here to find out what restaurants in your area are serving shark fin soup.

Click here to download & print a “FINished WITH FINS letter to send to the restaurant.

This is so cool/cute. Click yet again here to download an educational shark coloring book for your kids or for yourself if the waxy intoxication of crayons makes you nostalgic for those early years when you fell in love with utter terror and majesty of apex sea predators.