Day 265 3/18/14: Take Action: Ban Gill Nets in California

200024639-001Please sign Oceana’s petition to ban gill nets in California. Endangered whales, sea turtles, dolphins, sharks and other wildlife are caught in these nets that are meant to catch swordfish. You can see victims of California’s gill nets here. Warning: these are graphic images.

Day 188 12/30/13: The Shag-Eyed Shark

shark-fish-talesIn the poem “The Shag-Eyed Shark,”  a crew of crusty fishermen vent their rage on a shark, cutting out its liver, only to have the shark help them catch a school of prized mackerel. While the old salts in this didactic tale learn not to judge by appearances (they even open the shark again and replace its liver), men & shark in the real world haven’t quite achieved that level of friendship. But if you would like to extend some kindness to sharks, (or other imperiled sea friends), your donation to Oceana will be doubled if you donate before December 31!

Day 117 10/20/13: Sunday Slacktivism: 5 Easy Ways to Help the Oceans

Large open water fish, like this Northern blue...

Large open water fish, like this Northern bluefin tuna, are oily fish. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are 5 quick and dandy ways to help the ocean and its animals:

1. Still fuming over Blackfish? Free Lolita the Orca from 43 years in captivity. Sign here.

2. A click a day helps fund Oceana’s sea-saving campaigns.

3. Overfishing, radiation, global warming and overfishing are putting unbelievable pressure on the sea and the animals that live there. Sign Greenpeace’s petition to designate 40% of the world’s oceans as protected marine reserves.

4. Bluefin Tuna are seriously overfished. Urge the National Marine Fisheries Service to take more specific measures to help them.

5. Two words: The Cove.  Ask Japan to stop killing dolphins.

Day 107 10/10/13: Be a Voice for Whales and Dolphins

Dolphin funToday’s action: small, but important.

Sign Oceana’s petition to President Obama asking the president to halt proposed underwater seismic tests (part of underwater oil & gas explorations)  that disrupt the communication, feeding and general well-being of whales, dolphins and other marine mammals.

Day 25: 7/20/2013: Cast a Vote for Sharks

I have to admit, the nominees for Oceana’s Ocean Hero awards make my efforts feel more than a little bit hodge-podge and patchwork!  All of them–adults and children alike– are doing important work for the ocean, but here is a roundup of my new shark gurus:

Yale grad student Leah Meth helped win protections for sharks and rays at CITES with her creative and incredibly successful Shark Stanley Project.

Dr. Neil  Hammerschlag’s shark tagging program at the University of Miami gives at-risk high school students an opportunity to experience “full immersion” shark research.

8-year-old shark lover Sean Lesniak helped create a bill in the Massachusetts state legislature that would impose stiffer penalties on shark finning.

You can vote for candidates in both the junior and adult categories here.

The deadline is July 26.